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Amplex TA 44,

We are proud to announce our new amplifier : the Amplex.


This amplifier is based on the 1954 tweed Fender Bassman.

The Amplex will work outstandingly well for guitar, bass, pedal steel and harmonica. It’s fully handcrafted and built in small quantity, handwired with the shortest signal-way possible. Custom built transformers. This amp delivers 40 to 50 watts, depending on which power tubes are used. The Amplex is a class A amplifier and it takes most power tubes, such as KT 66 (standard), EL34, 6L6, 6V6 and 5881 with no need to bias. The Amplex delivers 50 watts RMS with KT66 tubes and 42 watts RMS with 6L6 tubes. This baby sounds as great as it looks, from crispy clean to smooth and compressed overdrive when cranked up.

There is a switch for single end and half power output. This is a nice jewel in your living room or your studio, but  the Amplex also loves to go on tour. It is housed in a very sturdy, plexi cabinet. The Amplex is available in 230V and 110V.

The Amplex comes with a dust cover (a form fit touring bag is optional), a 4 meter (12 feet) AC cable and a footswitch. For technical specifications click here.

Lifetime warranty.

You can see and hear the Amplex in Youtube clips. Click here.

For more information :


2x KT 66 50watt output
2x 6L6  42watt output but also inter changeable with EL34, 6V6 and 5881 etc. with out bias.
Custom made main and output transformators.
1x pre amp 6SL7
1x pre amp 6SC7
1x rectifier 5U4G or GZ 34
Impedance 4ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm or half power.
Footswitchable volume boost
High and low power input
Switch for hum buckers or single coils
Switch for full or single end and stand by
Switch for low cut for more definition on higher volume
Line out
Handwired aluminum chassis
Lifetime waranty( not on tubes and elco’s)

Sounds from crispy clean to nice compressed distortion with lots of sustain.
Low production.
Inspired of 1954 Bassman
Dimensions: 37cm- 27cm- 20.5cm
Weight: 10.2 KG   (110V  and 220V)

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